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To get involved and care,
first you have to 

Be to Care is an occasion to deliberate on the lessons learned in recent years. A pandemic -added to the conflicts of war, poverty, the environment, among others- has demonstrated the importance of unity and collaboration in order to create solidary and sustainable responses.

Thus, Harambee intends to celebrate its 20th anniversary through a gathering of people who work to transform the world. Be to Care seeks to be an exchange of perspectives and proposals; understanding the role that social innovation and youth play in the solutions to the world's problems, faithful to the magisterium of Pope Francis, which help to put the focus on care and mercy. 

These days will encourage reflection and action among people from public or private organizations; local, national or international; of religious inspiration or civic motivation; all contributing to social development and impact from different fields.


Be to Care will be divided into three days:


listen and learn

September 28

Horizons of solidarity after the pandemic

A day dedicated to an open dialogue among people of different beliefs and responsibilities in order to broaden the view. Two round tables will be held: one where the social challenges faced and the effective responses of projects will be analyzed. In the second, professionals with extensive experience will share their learning in various fields and different international contexts.

share to co-create

September 29th

Solidary initiatives inspired by Saint Josemaría

Harambee was born from the canonization of Saint Josemaria Escrivá, as an expression of the commitment of many people to the African continent. It constitutes a legacy of solidarity, the fruit of an ecclesial event. On the occasion of its 20th anniversary, and with the centenary of Opus Dei on the horizon, the Centenary Committee of the Work wishes to invite people who, inspired by Saint Josemaría or encouraged by his teachings, work professionally in initiatives of a social nature. This second day proposes to open a dialogue to share experiences and learning; recognize the challenges of the present and imagine solutions for the future through a co-creation exercise.


APPRECIATE and celebrate

September 30th

Social innovation and youth in Africa

On the 20th anniversary, Harambee has also decided to offer an opportunity to meet, remember the origins and rethink our mission and goals, looking to the future with the eyes and heart of a continent full of youth. For this reason, on the third day of this symposium, we would like to celebrate and reward good ideas and projects by young African entrepreneurs, as well as showcase documentaries and reports that offer the world an accurate image of lands rich in humanity. It will also serve as an opportunity to thank all those who in 20 years have contributed their grain of sand, in an atmosphere of hope.

These activities will take place at the University of the Holy Cross, in Rome. You can consult the complete program in the section dedicated to the event.

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